Lessons from a 4th grade science fair

  1.  Nobody in our entire school will have to go through life NOT knowing which liquid a gummy bear will absorb the most.  #blessed
  2. You can actually do a science fair project from start to finish in about 60 minutes, and that includes speeding to the dollar store for a display board right before the presentations start.  #thankgoodnessforhelpfulteachers
  3. I now know that no one in my class can pronounce “carbon dioxide.”
  4. Berries stay the freshest when you put them in tupperware, but you can still eat them on day 10, when they have “just a little mold” and they’ll taste “pretty ok.”
  5. If you ever want your eggs to float, you need a LOT of salt.  A LOT.
  6. If you turn your crystal making supplies on to cook and then forget about it while you are playing Roblox, it will explode.  Don’t do that.
  7. One way to make sure everyone is paying attention is to connect a snap circuit siren.  Hello!
  8. Mentos and coke never gets old.
  9. I mean, magnets. Just, magnet.  They are so rad.
  10. 4th graders are seriously the best.  They get nervous and practice and tally all their “customers” and even the quietest ones can bust out a presentation that makes you tear up with pride.  I ❤ my job!



One thought on “Lessons from a 4th grade science fair

  1. Just fyi I probably have eggs in my fridge that will float without salt… but they’ve been there for quite a while.

    Also, the liquid gummy beats bsorbe most… is it vodka? Cuz I’m pretty sure it’s vodka.


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