Get Your News Here! Get Your News!

Here are 3 things I want to tell you right now:

  1.  My book is being PUBLISHED!!!  I have had 2 offers from mid-size presses in my state, and hopefully early next year it’ll be on the shelf!  Working title is:  Almost a Mother: A Memoir of Before and After.  It’s all about what happened when my twins died, my HONEST journey through grief (I like to tell people it is NOT a dew drop and falling leaf kinda book-like I tell a story about how I wanted to kick pregnant people because I wanted to have a baby so badly) and then how, through my blog writing, I met other ladies who helped me through.  I even tell you how I fly ALL the way to L.A. to meet one of those “strangers.”  If you ask me, it’s definitely a little sad, but my goal is to show you hope in the face of the storm!
  2. I’m going to be on a podcast!  It is called “Friending” and you should go to iTunes and subscribe to it now.  I’ll be on the episode called “The Fat Friend” and possibly some more after that!  It’s been super fun to be involved.  EEK!
  3. I could use a little help spreading the word about Um, You Guys. If you don’t mind, it helps a billion times over if you like and comment on the posts, share them, or invite your friends to like the page.  Facebook doesn’t like you to see “business” pages unless they pay.  I’m not making any money off of any of this, but I would love to get the word out about my writing and my book and my audience has been slowly building.  The more often you interact with the posts, the more you’ll see.  And if you haven’t seen me pop up in a while, search for me in the search bar and you’ll see my posts from the last few days.

I think all of you are SO awesome, and thank you all so much for helping to be a part of this fabulous community!  You are all my people!  We need a name…hmmmmm….Maybe we could be “The Guys.”

Help me! What should we call ourselves?


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