Authors Turning Pages Spotlight: Todd Olson

In my final installment of Authors Turning Pages Spotlights, I am THRILLED to introduce you to Todd Olson.

Todd is our director/producer. If you’re local, he is also the director of Heart of La Crosse, an improv comedy troupe that will make you laugh SO HARD your jaw will hurt. Seriously.

I don’t even remember meeting Todd. Not in the way that he is not memorable, but in the way that I just feel like I’ve always known him. As a businessman, he is, without a doubt, the man you want in your corner. He’s smart and level-headed, he can make a decision without being wishy-washy but also without being brash.

He owns this INCREDIBLE videography company called Cine1Productions and if you take a look at his projects, you’d think these are coming straight from Hollywood.  I mean it-no matter what I do, everything I make LOOKS like it was made on my mac. He has an enormous talent in making a clean, organized, crisp, HIGH quality video. He made us a few commercials for this event and it was SO fun. One day, we literally bounced a ball down the street from Onalaska all the way to LaCrosse.

He is also SO FREAKING FUNNY. Whenever I’m down, he’ll do or say something to make me laugh. Oh, hey, did I mention he’s married to Lisa David Olson? Sometimes I just sit and imagine how they live in their house together without just peeing their pants from laughing so hard all day long. He can do ANY accent you want, and you’ll believe you are talking to someone from Scotland, or Australia, or a German with a bad English accent.

He can also make the best faces I’ve ever seen. Case in point:


As a human being, you would LOVE him. It is so easy to see why he and Lisa are perfect together. He hasn’t had it easy in this life—but you’d never know it. He takes everything in stride and stays true to his integrity and high moral code. As a father, I can see just how much he loves ALL his kids, and when I’m frustrated about my own children or a situation at school, he listens and gives great advice. When that day comes that you need to bailed out of jail, he’s the guy that will bail you out first, and THEN let you know exactly what he thinks about that.

I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone, but one time I brought these tiny little (seriously, miniature) water color paints and mini notebooks and just because it would make me happy, he painted a little bit for me. This is the kind of guy you want on your side, right?

You’ll see him/hear him in our show, but also know that he’s in charge of the line up, the lighting, the sound, and basically pulling us to our full potential (hopefully).

Go like his production page, and if you need a video made, he is SO your man. We ALL can’t wait to see you on October 24th or 25th at the Pump House. Get your tickets now!

Authors Turning Pages Spotlight: Laura Mausolf

Continuing in my series of highlighting authors for my upcoming event, I’d like you to meet a lovely lady named Laura Mausolf.

Event: #bewhoyouneeded presents Author Turning Pages at the PumpHouse in LaCrosse on Weds 10/24 or Thurs 10/25. Tickets available at 

I met Laura first on Facebook, so when I ran into her at my son’s T-Ball game, I wasn’t sure if I should go up to her or not. As it turns out, she came up to me the instant she saw me and IMMEDIATELY made me feel like we had been friends for years.

She and her husband Bob are the most adorable couple. She is tiny, but FIERCE, yo, and she cracks me up with her innocence coupled with her tendency to use swears. LOL! As the weeks went by, I realized that my absolute favorite thing about her is how absolutely GENUINE she is.

What I mean by that is I’m positive that everything she says, she has taken the time to reflect and be sure that she isn’t hurting anyone with her words. She is careful, and takes her time. Laura has this absolutely kind spirit and exudes a sort of peace about herself.

It’s so hard for me to believe that Laura has struggled through anything-mostly because of that happy, joyful, peaceful spirit, but she has–and she is now dedicating her life to spread awareness about anxiety and postpartum depression. PPD is one of those things that nobody ever talks about, and she doesn’t want anyone else to feel as alone as she did.

Watching her with her adorable boys now is an amazing testament to how sometimes it takes a lot of hard work to get where you want-but you will make it if you believe in yourself. She is an incredible mama and loves those children without abandon.

She can teach you anything-she not only works in the cath lab as a nurse, but she knows meditation, yoga, how to tell you what all those crystals are supposed to do, and more! 🙂

During our show at the Pump House, you’ll fall just as in love with her as Lisa and I have, and you’ll laugh hysterically at her “wild” side. Oh yeah, there is one, yo. I’m serious.


Authors Turning Pages Spotlight: Lisa David Olson

It’s no secret I want to be Brene Brown. Or Rachel Hollis. I obviously know the chances of that are about the same as me making it in the NFL. (By the way, maybe message them and suggest my book to put on their TBR list? It can’t hurt, just sayin’).

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean I can’t do the things I love. And I LOVE speaking to people. I love doing my best to lift people up, make them laugh, and remind them that it’s ok to not be ok.

In the last year, venturing into the book publishing industry, joining writing groups, and networking my little tushy off, I have met SO MANY incredible people. And even though we kinda throw words like incredible and awesome around, I seriously mean INCREDIBLE. As in, you look at someone and you just wonder, how can someone be so freaking awesome?

Tonight I want to tell you about a lady I know. She, along with one other superhero (who I will introduce to you next week), is doing a show with me in a few weeks at this amazing arts center called The Pumphouse.  Oh, and our director, who I will also introduce next week is her hubby. They’re kinda sickly cute, though, be warned.

For over a year now, people have been saying to me, “Omg, you need to meet Lisa David Olson. You and she would totally hit it off. You will be besties.”

And, of course, I didn’t meet her. Not on purpose, yo. I just didn’t run into her.

And then, one night, like magic, she showed up at my writing small group. And I went home that night and thought:

  1. Everyone was right, I DO love her.
  2. We need to collaborate because we both JUST released books and they’re about humor and overcoming our tough experiences.

And so, without any hesitation, when I asked her if she wanted to work with me (think you’re inviting a new friend to a sleepover in 7th grade), she said, “Absolutely!”

A summary of Lisa:

*She is FREAKING HILARIOUS. Like, should be on Saturday Night Live hilarious (Um, anyone out there with connections? Because, for real, she is legit the funniest person and can keep a totally straight face when she’s making you practically pee your pants laughing).

*She has been through some stuff, but she NEVER whines or complains about it. She’s like, “Yo, we got this. Bring it on.”

*She LOVES kids. And not just like, “Oh, kids are awesome,” but, more like, “OMG I see a child over there, I wonder if it wants a sucker?” Ok, that sounds on the creepy side, but you know what I mean. She is SUCH a mother and a nurturer, which is really quite incredible considering her recent book is about surviving an abusive, alcoholic mother.

*She means business.  She’s a hustler. She shows up. She’s responsible. She takes everything seriously. She will make you want to work harder.

*Have you ever known someone who can’t show up empty-handed? I have another friend, Pete, who is like this too. Basically, anytime we meet for anything, she has some sort of little trinket for me. Last time I saw her she gave me a wrapped crystal-thing that I now keep on my nightstand and touch right before bed. She thinks ahead and wants to just spread the love.

At our show at the Pumphouse, she will make you laugh so hard you pee. Well, almost pee. I don’t want you coming thinking you’ll have to wear a diaper. She will inspire you to DO better and BE better but somehow at the same time remind you that you are PERFECT just the way you are.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Link to tickets:

October 24 or 25, 2018.


OH! And if you can’t make it to the event, you can find her book here: