Bits about this and that

Well, it’s definitely autumn here in the midwest. We put our Halloween decorations up yesterday. I tried to be a little less National Lampoon’s this year, but … I tried, ok?

We are on a 14 day quarantine because one of us was exposed to the Covid. My mom heart is so sad. Also, there really should be a reality show about a 4th-grade teacher trying to teach rounding to the millions place using a number line via Zoom while her 7-year old comes in every 4 minutes to ask a questions about his Zoom school.

You know, hypothetically.

If anyone out there is waffling, you should buy a ranch house, not a 2 story. I spend at least 50% of my day moving things from one level to the next, putting them on the stairs to be taken, getting angry because no one else takes the things up or down the stairs, and then finding more things to move to a different level.

Because of the general malaise I feel thanks to the pandemic and the election, I alternate between Zillow and Petfinder. I look at houses I can’t afford. Then puppies I have no business getting because I already have two cats, and they are so much work and I don’t need more stress or decisions to make.

I have 94,000 books to read in this house. Just thought you should know because I ran out of bookshelf space again.

I wonder how many trips I could take if I didn’t spend my money on all the dumb stuff I have in my house.

But, I mean, we can’t take trips right now, so who is the real winner?

I wish our fall TV shows were coming back right now.

Today I decided to clean one toilet. Because my son is disgusting. Like, really, a disgrace to humans. He gets pee in places that must be invisible because then it smells like pee. So then I thought, I’m cleaning one toilet, might as well clean the next one. Then I cleaned all 4 bathrooms, did all the laundry, vacuumed, and changed the sheets. I was supposed to be relaxing, but now my house smells like Lysol instead of pee, so…

I have a new goal: to get an essay published in a magazine. I’m working on it, you guys. Wish me luck.

We watched Jaws together as a family last night. Dude. The guy? The shark hunter? Not Mr. Hollan’s Opus, but the other one? He is intense. We were belly laughing at the scene where they are sharing their scars and stories.

Ok, well, that’s enough about this and that for today.

What’s new with you? Drop it in the comments and tell me what’s up!